Falling InLove & Staying InLove

Love is the greatest gift of them all, but you can’t have love with out faith and hope. We all long to have this, to fall in love and to stay in love. Although there may be times that you will find yourself falling out of love, but what do you do when this happens over time?

Falling InLove:

  • It is easy to fall InLove with the right person
  • This is not forced
  • It comes natural
  • It is honest and patient
  • There is no time limit (it may happen in days, weeks, months or years)
  • It’s a bond between two individuals
  • It does not work with just one side
  • You do not find this feeling, it finds you


Many try to research the meaning of “Falling InLove” some may believe there are symptoms to the feeling. Oprah did a little segment on her magazine for couples to determine if they are InLove and this is what she says:

You want to share your world with them

They’re always in your thoughts

You’re dying to know if they’re thinking about you too

They become a priority

You crave them

You even find their quirks attractive

They make you feel better about yourself

You’re ignoring other attractive people

You’re kind of freaking out

Their traits become your traits too

You want to say those big three words “I LOVE YOU”

Friends are noticing

You see a future with them

It feels right ! 

When that right person comes into your life, you’ll start to notice a change in yourself. Not because you have to, but it makes this feeling we call “Love” stronger. I’ll say it again “Falling InLove with the right person is easy”!


Staying InLove is a journey between you and the other person. This can not be achieved when there is no longer a bond between the two. Both ends have to choose and commit to their destination. Staying InLove may seem like a job, but this shouldn’t be the case. Remember why you both fell InLove.

Keeping the “Love” strong:

  • Talk about what brought you here
  • Practice acceptance and appreciation
  • Make it about the relationship (Not just you as an individual)
  • Relive the “honeymoon” phase
  • Don’t forget about date nights
  • Continue to talk about the future (How can it be better for you both)
  • Never compete (see eye to eye, level yourselves)
  • Have some “me” time
  • Understanding that your partner may have bad days
  • Pick one another up
  • Be kind with your words (no name calling)
  • Speak immediately when something bothers you (never allow yourself to carry this ugly feeling)
  • Do not play the “blame game” take responsibility for your faults
  • Focus on the positive
  • Show “I love you” through your actions and not just words

LOVE never gives up, never loses FAITH, is always HOPEFUL, and endures ALL THINGS 

Always remember to bring yourselves to day one of “Falling InLove”. One negative should have three positives. Get out of your comfort and allow yourself to face your fear.

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